My First Ever Youtube Vlog Is Up!!!

Today, May 15, 2020, marks the day when I finally made the first step in making one of my 2020 GOALS, into reality – having my own Youtube Channel.

I have contemplated on this for over a year. What content should I make? How frequent should I upload videos? What are the right tools – camera, lighting, audio, editor and etc – I should have? Most of the time, I would dream about it but ended up deciding to put it aside for the time being.

But as time passes by, the desire grew bigger and bigger. Until few days ago, I decided to do it anyway. With what ever I have – Cellphone. And what ever I like sharing at that moment – What’s in my Ref. Because, why not? this is what I enjoyed doing this time of COVID-19 Pandemic, chores and organizing stuffs.

And I did it! I filmed and edited the video using just my Cellphone, without any other tools and uploaded the video righy away.

The vlog has only 7 views as of this writing. But the feeling of being able to start is nothing short of AMAZING. Call it overreacting, I don’t care. But I really felt refreshed. Like I was able to give my self a breath of fresh air. I knew in my gut that I openned up a new path where I can express and explore myself even more. I know that I will be meeting the better version of myself, very very soon!

Please watch it here:

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