55 Pesos Menu of #Pound by Todd English

So, we tried the one-dollar or 55 pesos menu of #Pound by Todd Enlgish in Megamall Fashion Hall, without so much expectation (because of the price), but to our surprise we were delighted to everything we ordered!

The serving was of course, smaller than the regular. What amazes us is that the quality, flavor and taste is no less than superb!

Here is a peak on what’s in their menu:

TE Slider Burger
Tomato Cream Pasta
OMG Chocolate Milk Shake
Onion Cube
Truffle Ketchup Fries
The P55 Menu

The Glam-O-Rose Girl

Sulok Café : A place to Dine and Relax

In today’s age of coffee lovers and foodie, everyone is flocking to almost every known coffee shops you could name. Either to hang-out with friends, catch-up with “Titas of Manila”, study, write blogs, do business matters or just enjoy a sip of coffee.

This is definitely a good thing for the food industry. But sometimes, we missed those days when we go to a place where can dine and relax at the same time to help us cultivate ideas or simply take a serene moment with ourselves. I, personally continuously in search for those kind of places which Sulok Café offers.

Me and my business partner went to Sulok Café last August 3, 2018 with the intention of just trying out their food. At that time we need to do some paper works since we are heading for a business meeting within the area and haven’t had dinner, so we thought “Why not try Sulok Café”.

Upon entering, their order counter will welcome you with their menu written in black board. The over-all set-up invites homey and laid back mood, but to our surprise their menu is comparable to a restaurant, quite a wide range for a café.




We were able to try the following:

Tuyo Mushroom Pasta (Php 170.00) – According to the barrista / waiter at that time, it is their best seller for pasta. It is basically olive oil, garlic, mushroom and tuyo. Kind of an Aglio Olio with tuyo. For a pasta lover like me, this might not taste as good as a Class A Italian Resto, but I can guarantee that it will not fail to satisfy your cravings! Plus considering their price, it’s a value for money.

Pro Tip: They only serve oil based pasta


Adobo Flakes Rice Bowl (Php 110.00) – This one is their best seller for rice bowls. From it’s name, it is a pork flakes cooked adobo style, but with a hint of tapa flavor and topped with sunny-side-up egg. I could say that this one is good as it doesn’t give you a dry texture, which mostly is the problem with other restaurants. The price is great considering the big serving.


Chocnut Frappe (Php 140.00) – I love how you could taste the chocnut flavor in every sip. Not too sweet and really taste what it should be chocnut! Hurray from my 90’s kid heart!


Chocolate Frappe (Php 120.00) – This frappe is also true to itself, the whole experience taste like chocolate and not too sweet. Also, we are not sure if I’m just carried away by the Chocnut Frappe, but it resembles the taste of chocolate drink that we used to bring as “baon” during elementary days, like Magnolia Chocolait or Selecta Moo.


Other than their food, we enjoyed how quiet and cozy their place was. I was able to concentrate in what I needed to do and finished in no time. Their Wifi is also good since the place is not crowded.

Overall, the service was good, the food was delicious and the experience was great. Will definitely be going back with the hope that their coffee based frappes will be available by then 🙂 So excited to try other dishes too!

Sulok Café is located at 2F, Okinari Arcade, L. Sumulong Memorial Circle, Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City

The Glam-O-Rose Girl

Conrad Manila : A heavenly place inside Metro

Conrad Hotel
Photo Grabbed from Conrad Manila’s Website

Conrad Manila is a five-star luxury hotel located at Seaside Boulevard corner Coral Way Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, making it very accessible and a perfect go-to place for people like me, who wants to unwind, relax but cannot take a long break from the busy city life.

For as low as Php 8,100 (before tax) or Php 9,949.23 (after tax), you may already book via Hotels.com a Deluxe Room for two adult and 2 children with room details and inclusions as follows:

  • Buffet Breakfast for two
  • 40 square meter room with city view
  • WiFi Access
  • Air conditioning
  • 42-inch LCD TV with premium channels, pay movies and MP3 dock
  • Refrigerator, minibar, espresso maker
  • Toiletries, Hair dryer, hot and cold shower
  • Access to swimming pool
  • Working table
  • Check-in: 2:00 pm
  • Check-out: 12:00 pm
  • No smoking

We stayed there last for two days and one night (Saturday – Sunday) and had the most relaxing staycation so far. From Ortigas, Mandaluyong where we are working tirelessly from Monday to Friday, it only takes 30 minutes to reach Conrad Manila. A perfect place to go if you want to instantly transport from a busy environment to a relaxing one.


Their people are very courteous and friendly, from the guards to receiving personnel to receptionists up to the restaurant staffs. I surely felt pampered during our stay.

Their check-in and check-out process are very smooth and takes only 5 minutes.

The Lobby
Photo Grabbed from Conrad Manila’s Website

The Room:

Their room, although very modern, gives a Filipino vibe because of the sophisticated use of wooden materials in their furniture and room details. They are using premium bedding and offers pillow menu for ultimate comfort, but to my opinion their standard pillows were already great considering I did not have problem with neck ache because of my scoliosis condition.

Their room almost have everything that you will be needing during your stay. From the complete toiletries bath robes, towels, hair dryer, slippers to iron and ironing board, to dining set and kitchen wares to the working table with lamp, telephone and supplies up to the 42-inch LCD TV with premium channels and pay movies. You could really hide in this place and never miss a thing!

And let’s not forget the automatic blackout drapes/curtains!

Complementary Stuffed Toy with my favorite Perfume 🙂

Food and Refreshments

Their minibar offers bottled water, sodas and mini bottles of premium alcohols with a decent selection of snack choices, and chocolates! The espresso maker is a plus too!

They also offer 24-hours room service in case you get hungry at midnight 🙂

Their buffet is what fascinated me the most! After all, I’m a morning person more so a breakfast lover. I love how wide their breakfast selection was. They offer Filipino, Asian and Western Menu. They even have goto and taho!

Here is my first plate (sorry forgot to take picture of the succeeding plates due to excitement):

The Pool:

Although, I did not swim and prefer to relax on the side, their pool really looks great. It has a very relaxing and resort feels. You might even forget that you are at the heart of a city.


Although, we did not use much of their WiFi, I could say it’s good we did not experience buffing or disconnection during our stay.


Conrad Manila is located right beside the Mall of Asia and facing the Manila Bay. During your stay, you might want to jog in the morning or stroll in the evening by the bay. Hopping in one or two of the ktv restobar for entertainment along MOA seaside won’t be a hassle.


5 out of 5! I will surely go back to this place!


The Glam-O-Rose Girl


Tips on How to Ace Your Job Interviews

Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced one, the following tips will surely help you land that dream job you are applying for:

1. Know all the contents of your resume

Knowing every details of your resume tells three important things about you: one is you are serious of building your career profile, second is you know your self well and confident about it, lastly and more importantly – it implicitly says that everything in there are true and correct.

2. Study the history, profile and industry of the Company that you are applying for

Having memorized (but not necessary!) the date of incorporation and the products and/or services of the company that you are applying for is one thing, but “knowing” the company is another.

Sure you may research the history and company profile, which is very good. But understanding the mission, vision and values of the company will help you make an impression that you are serious about joining them. It will help you a lot in answering the question: “Why do you want to join us?” (Pro tip: tell them how your career plan aligns with them)

Knowing the industry of the company is very important, it will surely help you in figuring out how you will be able to contribute to the company especially if you are a finance or marketing professional. After all it is one of the most job interview questions that you might encounter: “How do you think you would contribute to the company?” (Pro tip : know the latest issues and trend in the industry and tell them how you might help them in solving issues or developing concepts)

3. Try to anticipate the questions

In today’s age, it is very easy to research about the most widely used job interview question and the “ideal” answer. But aligning your answer to your own strengths and experiences will help you go a long way during the interview. By this, you can make sure that you have an answer when the interviewer says, “Please expound” or “Can you give me an example”

Take note that even though you have some rehearsed answer do not memorize it! Try your best to deliver it in a most natural way you can and memorizing won’t help you achieve it.

4. Dress appropriately

Showing up appropriately dressed shows that you put effort and take seriously your interview. A traditional business attire never fails – in general. But researching the company dress code and customizing your outfit for the job that you are applying for is a plus! For example, you might add some colors if you’re applying for a creative related job. Over accessorizing though, is never encouraged.

5. Bring extra printed copies of your resume

Even though you already deposited your resume in their portal or submitted a soft copy via email, bringing a copy is always a must! Never assume that they will print a copy for you. And bringing extra copies is professionalism. This will save you from worrying about what to do if the interview becomes a panel type or if they already endorse you to the next interviewer.

Having a spare one for yourself will help you make sure that you and the interviewer are referring to the same page. And sure, you know everything in your resume but there are things that you might want to skip memorizing (like the every exact dates of seminars you attended) so you could pay attention to more important things, and having a handy copy of your resume will be a great help so you don’t have to worry if those things will be asked or not.

6. Be punctual

Being punctual does not mean that you will arrive in the place of interview 3 to 5 minutes before the schedule. You want to be there at least 15 to 30 minutes before.

This will help you freshen up, in case you took a long travel, and set yourself for the interview. Arriving ahead of time also buys you extra time in case you need to fill-up forms and write essays before the interview. And talking about these things, I would say, please bring your own black pen. And no, I did not make a separate item for this tip, because this is obvious.

7. Be confident and friendly

Even if you are nervous make sure to greet politely, shake hands and smile appropriately to the interviewer.

During the interview, sit-up straight and make an eye contact. This will build up a confident image of you. Try your best not to make any unnecessary gestures and smile occasionally at appropriate moments, but showing that you are serious in answering the questions.

8. Do not project that you know more than you actually know when answering the questions

If you are asked a question about a certain subject that you lack knowledge or expertise, say so. What you can do is discuss you knowledge or experience so far, point out how your past experiences can be related to it and that you are very much willing to learn.

Never lie or overstate in an interview it will cause you trouble if the interviewer make a follow-up question or ask you to demonstrate. It may cause you bad record and lose your future opportunities.

9. Ask Questions

Always bear in mind that a job interview is a two-way conversation. Always grab the opportunity when the interviewer asks you “Do you have any question”.

Ask about the details of the job and their expectation from you in case you will be hired. This will give them an impression that you are serious in doing your job.

Ask about the company’s employee development program or the reason why the position is vacant (in a very polite manner). This will give them an impression that your career is important to you and you know your worth as a professional. Plus, it will help you in decision making if the position is offered to you.

10. Bonus Tip: Ask for water!

Most often, you will be asked if you want water, and most interviewee would say “Oh, no thanks! I’m okay”. Why? Because you are there as an applicant, you want to please them and you do not want to be a bother.

But I will tell you what, be a bother! Even if you are not thirsty accept it and have it! There are four reasons why you should accept the water first is it put you at ease, you will be refreshed and more relax, it will also prevent you from having a dry throat or feel hungry when the interview goes very long; second it will make your interviewee at ease, nothing please a good host (specially here in Philippines) than by accepting what he/she is offering; third, it will instantly establish a social interactions between the two of you; and lastly, it gives them an impression that you are confident about yourself and have the courage to ask for what you need but willing to be in an equal position where one is offering assistance and you are willing to receive assistance.

When offered with variations though, like coffee, tea, juice or soda, always ask for water. It is the safest drink, doesn’t irritate your throat, will surely go along with your last meal and doesn’t leave a stain in your teeth.

If the interviewee forgot to offer you, do not ask unless you really need to. It will put them in bad light as a bad host. If you have problem being thirsty most of the time, please bring your bottled water.

Pro Tip: This also applies to company meetings!
So there you go, good luck and I hope you ace you job interviews!

The Glam-O-Rose Girl

HOW TO BECOME A CPA (Certified Public Accountant): What it really takes

The CPA License is not awarded to all. It is a symbol of excellence and professional prestige to some. It is known that for one to have it, you have to take a four to five year college course, review for board exam, submit all the documentary requirements to the professional regulatory and pass the board exam. But what does it really takes for you to become a CPA?

First: You MUST LOVE the Profession
There are two stereotypical reasons why people think you should become a CPA because you are good in Mathematics and because you would easily become rich as soon as you get your CPA license.

If you are a high school student or a high school graduate who happen to be the mathematician of your batch, most often you’ll receive unsolicited career advise to take accountancy. But let me tell you this: accounting is NOT mathematics. Other than addition, subtraction and some seasonal use of your multiplication and division skills, you could totally forget all the complicated formulas you have learned from your Algebra, Geometry or Calculus subject, bring your most heavy duty calculator and you’re good to go!

If you happen to came from a humble family with limited budget for college education and dream to be the breadwinner of the family, provide education for your younger siblings and give them the luxury of life someday then taking accountancy course might be an easy escape since accountancy is one of, if not the cheapest course, all you need are pen, pencil, journal books, ledgers, and calculator. After all, we were all molded to believe that Accounting graduates have the highest paying salary. Sounds like a very good investment, which might be true but only after a decade or two of EXTRA HARD WORK and UNPAID OVERTIME.

To become a CPA, above all you must have the appropriate reason why do you want to become one, and neither being good at mathematics nor big paycheck could qualify as a reason. You MUST LOVE and MUST HAVE THE PASSION. Otherwise, at every stage of your study, review for board exam or even in actual practice, you will constantly look for the exit route.

Second: Be Disciplined

During our freshmen orientation, I remember our college dean once told us “Accountancy is a jealous course, if you want to stay in the program you must prioritize it over love-life and night-life”.

That statement might be exaggerated but looking back, it really is a fair advice and warning at the same time to us. The course requires you to develop analytic skills and critical thinking which would take you tons and tons of time. Those skills were not learned from high school, that is why sometimes even if you used to be an honor student you might still find your self struggling. But don’t worry, accounting is not for the genius ones it is for the disciplined.

You will be needing to read and solve practice problem a lot! I myself, used to have two to three book references both for text book and practice problems, that is four to six books for just one subject. Sounds crazy? Might be. But with proper schedule planning and the discipline to follow the schedule, it is possible. Sure, there will be times that you feel like you’re tired, you may take breaks in between your study hours but not to a point that you are already procrastinating. Sleep and relax during resting hours and study on studying hours. How much time is sufficient? It really is depending on you. Develop a schedule based on your own strength and weaknesses, your leaning curve, your learning style and your current level of understanding. Make a plan and make sure you act on it. Don’t let distractions take you off the track. Remember your goal. Eyes on the prize!

Third: Be Persistent

Accountancy is said to be one of the toughest course (at least here in the Philippines), it is proven by the low ratio of graduates and low passing rate in the past board exams. The solution is such a cliché, anyone could tell you, “if you study hard you will pass the exam”. And we hate it because we also know it. The problem is, in accounting, “studying hard” is such an understatement. It is never easy to push yourself to go further after long toil, from one exam to another, mid-terms to finals, and finally from board review to actual board exam. Feeling exhausted from never ending study is normal. But what can we do? That is the only way. So we continue and we persist.

In one of my favorite book “OutIiers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell”, it is said that for one person to successfully master something, it requires him/her to devote 10,000 hours. This number might or might not be accurate but speaks the truth that no success is made overnight. You have to keep going. Keep a positive mind and always remember your passion. Nothing should discourage you, not your previous exams, not your previous grades, not even that one accounting problem that you can’t get right, anyway it is okay to make all the mistake on practice problems over and over as long as you get it right on the board exam.

Some reviewees would give up understanding one or two topics and problem solving, show up on board exam and say “I can still do this”, which is a good attitude, inspiring even. But most (if not all) CPAs persevere during their review in every theories to understand and in every problem to analyze and solve. So, what separate CPAs and non passer? It is the attitude of never giving-up. Not in a generic way, but in a very specific way in every minute, in every hour and in every step of the way.

The Glam-O-Rose Girl