Sulok Café : A place to Dine and Relax

In today’s age of coffee lovers and foodie, everyone is flocking to almost every known coffee shops you could name. Either to hang-out with friends, catch-up with “Titas of Manila”, study, write blogs, do business matters or just enjoy a sip of coffee.

This is definitely a good thing for the food industry. But sometimes, we missed those days when we go to a place where can dine and relax at the same time to help us cultivate ideas or simply take a serene moment with ourselves. I, personally continuously in search for those kind of places which Sulok Café offers.

Me and my business partner went to Sulok Café last August 3, 2018 with the intention of just trying out their food. At that time we need to do some paper works since we are heading for a business meeting within the area and haven’t had dinner, so we thought “Why not try Sulok Café”.

Upon entering, their order counter will welcome you with their menu written in black board. The over-all set-up invites homey and laid back mood, but to our surprise their menu is comparable to a restaurant, quite a wide range for a café.




We were able to try the following:

Tuyo Mushroom Pasta (Php 170.00) – According to the barrista / waiter at that time, it is their best seller for pasta. It is basically olive oil, garlic, mushroom and tuyo. Kind of an Aglio Olio with tuyo. For a pasta lover like me, this might not taste as good as a Class A Italian Resto, but I can guarantee that it will not fail to satisfy your cravings! Plus considering their price, it’s a value for money.

Pro Tip: They only serve oil based pasta


Adobo Flakes Rice Bowl (Php 110.00) – This one is their best seller for rice bowls. From it’s name, it is a pork flakes cooked adobo style, but with a hint of tapa flavor and topped with sunny-side-up egg. I could say that this one is good as it doesn’t give you a dry texture, which mostly is the problem with other restaurants. The price is great considering the big serving.


Chocnut Frappe (Php 140.00) – I love how you could taste the chocnut flavor in every sip. Not too sweet and really taste what it should be chocnut! Hurray from my 90’s kid heart!


Chocolate Frappe (Php 120.00) – This frappe is also true to itself, the whole experience taste like chocolate and not too sweet. Also, we are not sure if I’m just carried away by the Chocnut Frappe, but it resembles the taste of chocolate drink that we used to bring as “baon” during elementary days, like Magnolia Chocolait or Selecta Moo.


Other than their food, we enjoyed how quiet and cozy their place was. I was able to concentrate in what I needed to do and finished in no time. Their Wifi is also good since the place is not crowded.

Overall, the service was good, the food was delicious and the experience was great. Will definitely be going back with the hope that their coffee based frappes will be available by then 🙂 So excited to try other dishes too!

Sulok Café is located at 2F, Okinari Arcade, L. Sumulong Memorial Circle, Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City

The Glam-O-Rose Girl