Chapter 1: You Are Bound to Begin a New Journey

Career transition is painful. Be it caused by unfortunate events or your own decision making, especially if you seem to be soaring high prior to the transition. You acknowledge that there’s so much more to learn, but you thought you’re strong enough to adjust to whatever comes your way, as long as you’re patient, hardworking and maintain a positive attitude. Then along the way, there’s turbulence, sudden lost of sight and before you knew it you’ve already lose path - you know longer know where you are heading to.

During this time you will feel discouraged because in spite of your best efforts, you can’t seem to land to where you think you should be or worse you can’t secure a job interview. The hurt and despair of being unemployed or taking a step-back in your career after being part of the “big leagues” of life are far more devastating since we are not just taking into account the loss of income but loss of career, loss of self-respect and loss of identity.

If we allow our despair to be a part of our daily life and let our emotions unchecked, failure in career path will lead to self-pity, self-blame and depression,

Most often, you’ll try to seek refuge through prayer, but during this times, you might caught yourself asking the following in your prayer: “How much more Lord?”, “How much longer must I wait for a breakthrough?”, “If you love me, why are these things happening to me?”.

Then you will start to examine the past and think of all the wrongs you’ve done. You will be tempted to deny that God still cares for you, because somehow your mind will tell you: ‘You’ve blown it.’

Let me tell you two things -

First: If you think you everything is being taken away from you because of the things you’ve done in the past – think of Peter. Peter denied Jesus (Matthew 26:74) and wept bitterly (Mathew 26:75). But that was not the end of Peter’s story. He find his strength in Jesus and the Lord restore him. He was able to got up and fulfill the assigned path as the “fisher of men”.

Second: God knows what you are going through. He knew everything that will take place even before we are conceived. He knew all the painful season that we need to bear for us to be ready for the biggest blessings of our lives. He sometime allow despair to come our way for us to grow closer to Him. He disarm us and let us feel weak or helpless, so he could help us. He let our plans fail, so he could make things happen according to His will.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and future.

The fact that you are still breathing means God is not done with you yet. A major set-back or hitting rock bottom does not mean your journey is over, in fact it may have just began!

Trust his plans. Restore your confidence with the Lord and remember that He is always faithful to us.