BOOKY BOGO : All Day Meals for Less than 500 Pesos per Person

For less than Php500, we were able to have breakfast, lunch and dinner plus more!

After trying-out what Booky’s Bogo using their Php1,000 worth of savings (please check-out previous blog here), we decided to challenge ourselves again - All Day Meals using Booky’s BOGO. And to our surprise, we didn’t just succeed to cover Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, we were able to have milk tea and coffee 🙂 . This time we used my friend’s account since mine was already fully used-up.

Same as before, we hit the gym early in the morning at SM Megamall and started our delicious journey for the day.

Breakfast: Kenny Rogers Roasters
Price: Php140
Offer: Kani and Mango Salad
Description: Romaine lettuce, tomato carrots, white onion strips, ripe mangoes, kani and sesame dressing
Location: UG/F SM Megamall, Building A

Perfect after-workout meal! All the ingredients were fresh and freshly cut, especially because we ordered it before the mall opens 🙂

Pro tip : Kenny Rogers Roasters in SM Megamall opens as early as 6:00 am. If you are a member of one of the fitness center there, you might want to visit them for breakfast since they have a lot of healthy offers.

Lunch: Sunnies Cafe
Price: Php280
Offer: Pork Bowl
Description: Crispy glazed pork belly, soy egg, scallion brown rice, homemade pickles
Location: 2/F SM Megamall, Bridgeway

We already tried Sunnies Cafe before and we never go back, until this time. Mainly because their food are pricey. The taste of their food is good but not good for the price, and serving is not that generous to compensate.

But this time, we are happy for the price that we paid since we were able to get a buy 1 get 1 deal. I realized, Booky could really help some of us with this kind of dilemma.

Merienda: Gong Cha
Price: Php90
Offer: Banana Milk
Description: Fruit-based drink added with banana syrup and plant-based creamer
Location: 2/F SM Megamall, Atrium

I could say that Gong Cha was the most awaited item on our list. We were set to avail the Gong Cha Milk Brown Sugar, which was beautifully advertised on their social media, it really looks delicious as if you could taste it just by staring at its photo. But unfortunately, it was sold-out that day 😦 . Which brought our expectation really low, we rather chose the Banana Milk. And since our expectations were already muted, we were surprised! It doesn’t look instagrammable but it tastes good, it tastes real and no hint of artificial banana 🙂

Dinner: Max’s Restaurant
Price: Php169
Offer: Chicken Sisig Rice Bowl with Sago’t Gulaman
Description: A generous serving of chicken sisig with special sauce. Served with a sunny side up egg and topped with green chilis. Max’s classic sago’t gulaman.
Location: 3/F SM Megamall, Building A

This is the most “sulit” of all the meals we had that day. Rice+Ulam+Egg+Drink for Php84.50 per person. A deliciously cooked and complete meal cheaper than the fast food price point. What more can we ask for? Just thank you, Booky!

Coffee: Nitro7 Coffee and Tea Bar
Price: Php135
Offer: Large Chocolate Macadamia
Description: Nitro Cold Brew coffee with chocolate and macadamia syrup
Location: 4/F SM Megamall, Building B

And to end the day, we again hang-out for coffee. This is our first time to try Nitro7 and we are now a regular customer 🙂 Their coffee is the kind of coffee that is true to itself – BOLD and STRONG. You’ll definitely get the kick that you are looking for when drinking coffee.

We spent a total of Php814 or Php407 per person for a full day meal plus milk tea and coffee. Now, we are not just thinking, we are definitely availing Booky Prime Membership.

Try it for yourself too! Trying-out Booky app won’t hurt, specially with their free trial that comes with Php1,000 worth savings.